Would you like to serve in worship through music? through technology? through art? Contact us!

Singing to the Lord is a regular investment in simply worshiping the Lord

  1. Our community is a worshiping community.
  2. Our community is a singing community.

Kate Ebersole  

Co-Minister of Worship

Kate oversees, along with Nikki Rineer, the overall worship experience of sound, projection, worship teams, and design of our Sunday worship services. Her vision for worship at EMC is to create a space for everyone to experience Jesus and his transforming and refreshing power through worship. Her aim is to encourage and mentor others of all ages to use their gifts in worship. If you have any interest in serving in any of the above roles, please see Kate. She would love to have you join in our Sunday worship.

Kate, along with Dustin, her husband, live nearby with their two children and one on the way. She enjoys reading, playing piano, relaxing at the beach, and taking long family walks. One passion of hers beyond worship is creating aesthetically-pleasing interior spaces. 

Nikki Rineer

Co-Minister of Worship

Nikki's vision for worship at EMC is to provide a space where everyone is able to connect with God in a way that is most meaningful to them.  

Nikki lives in the area with her husband Steve and two younger sons Ian and Brycen.  Her oldest son, Evan, lives in State College.