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During the COVID-19 emergency there will be no weekly bulletins. We will be placing all announcements and updates on Facebook and some in this location.


Message from Pastor Conrad Kanagy

Dear congregation,

Greetings in Christ's name! We will meet for prayer this evening (Tuesday) at 7 p.m. by zoom. The Psalm of the Week is chapter 56 and the reading for today is I Peter 2:21-25. 


Please know that as you walk through this time, when every day brings new challenges and surprises--that Heidi and I are praying for you by name and carrying you in our hearts and presenting you before the Father.


During our adult Sunday School this past week at 11 a.m. (which you are still welcome to join this coming week), a question emerged from our study of  Dueteronomy 31-32. God gave his people a song before they crossed the Jordan River--a song for them to remember as they lived in the land they had never been before.


As we have entered too a land we have never been before, what is the song that God is birthing in your heart that would not have emerged without this season of uncertainty and difficulty? What song is God giving to you that he wants you to remember long into the future and to pass onto your children to remember? 


And one final thought that I shared in the message on Sunday:


This is perhaps the richest season for growth in our life with God that you and I have ever encountered or that we have encountered as a church. Those of you have developed a strong life with God are most prepared for a time like this—I’ve been saying that for a long time. But those of you for whom a life with God has been on the back burner for any number of reasons—now is not the time to look back, but rather to look up and to simply confess to God that you realize in a new way that you want a life with him, that you need him, that you want to experience him. And the wonderful thing about God is that he will simply embrace you and say of course my child, I’ve been waiting for this day.


Folks this is a chairos moment—a moment of God breaking into the world. In several conversations I have found myself comparing this crisis that we are in with what I called the “ordinary” time of just a few weeks ago. And then it hit me—in the church calendar there are two times throughout the year—ordinary time which occurs outside of the sacred seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter. If what we experienced when life seemed so solid and predictable and secure was ordinary time, then what we are experiencing today is actually sacred time, God’s time, holy time. We have left the ordinary and entered a new world where God’s reality is recognized as more real and true and solid than anything we new before.


And folks, I would much rather be in God’s time and space, in God’s reality and truth, than in anything that appears safe and secure and predictable but is not. Folks, as scary as this place is—this is the space where God has allowed us to be, and perhaps even where God had intended for us to be all along. Regardless of what is going on around us folks, we are solidly in God’s story, in God’s time, and in God’s place, in God’s eschatology.


May you ride on the wings of God's Spirit as you trust Him in this time.


With care and God's love for you,


Pastor Conrad


Remaining passages for the week:

Wednesday: 2 Corinthians 1:3-11

Thursday: Isaiah 53:79

Friday: Isaiah 53:10-12

Saturday: Matthew 27

Sunday: Luke 23


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